What’s It Like Living With George Clooney? Expect Brad Pitt Cutouts

Whats It Like Living With George Clooney Expect Brad Pitt

If you think you’ve ever had an annoying roommate, try living with George Clooney.

Apparently, the Oscar winner has picked up some disturbing at-home habits during quarantine, including a newfound interest in strange bedroom décor, which wife Amal Clooney is not a fan of. 

George, 59, revealed that his Brad Pitt obsession, controlling movie night choices and good ol’ fashioned narcissism have made him almost unbearable to live with.

Fortunately, he’s in on the joke, releasing a comedy sketch titled “George Clooney: World’s Worst Pandemic Roommate” on Tuesday, May 4, to promote his charity sweepstakes with Omaze.

The parody video poked fun at George’s absurd roommate demands, as The Midnight Sky actor deadpanned that he got “stuck” living with a “random” guy last year during the coronavirus lockdown, after buying a $7 Batman action figure from him off Craigslist. 

“We’re basically best friends now,” George said. Narrator: They are not. 

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