Why Anna Faris Kept Blaming Herself for Son Jack’s Premature Birth

Anna Faris Shares Never Before Seen Photo of Son Jack as a
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Anna recalled that once things started to get settled at home with the “happy, slightly chubbier baby,” she couldn’t stop asking herself why this happened. 

“Why did my water break? So of course I tried to look for answers,” she shared. “I asked my doctor if my dream could have caused my water to break because I remember having a pleasant sensation right before I woke up. She laughed and said no. I asked her if the baby’s nails could have torn the sack, I asked her if my sack was lacking something, if I ran too much, if I ran too little. I did gain 60 pounds—I was up to 160, and my doctor suggested at one point that I ease up on maple bars.”

She continued, “I couldn’t stop searching. I was asking her if the ‘geriatric’ thing had something to do with it, if the cold cuts that I ate… I couldn’t turn off. I couldn’t turn off my own hamster wheel in searching for answers. And the truth is, in many of these cases, we have no idea why this happens. And after Jack was born, my dad joined the board of GAPPS, and a few years later I did as well. So, GAPPS’ No. 1 goal is prevention. And in order to prevent premature births, we need answers.”

Anna and Chris, who filed for divorce in December 2017, have both previously spoken about Jack’s birth and frequently use their platforms to raise awareness for infants with specialized needs. She told Redbook magazine in 2015, “Chris and I were so scared, but when Jack came out, even though he was so tiny, he looked so good to us.”

On April 28, Anna promoted the GAPPS event by sharing a precious photo to Instagram of herself holding newborn Jack, who was wearing a feeding tube at the time. 

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