Lala Kent Was “Ripped” at SUR for Doing This to Avril Lavigne

Lala Kent Was Ripped at SUR for Doing This to
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Adam Levine and Avril Lavigne have names that sound very similar, but this doesn’t mean restaurant managers will empathize if you confuse the two. 

Lala Kent was a Watch What Happens Live guest on Monday, May 10, where host Andy Cohen asked for the biggest-name celebrity she ever sat. Lala revealed it was Avril, although she didn’t initially know it was Avril. 

“I sat Avril Lavigne when she was dating the guy from Nickelback [Chad Kroeger], and they called and made a reservation, and I thought they said ‘Adam Levine,'” Lala shared about the Maroon 5 frontman. “So when Avril walked in, I told her she had to wait for a table because I was expecting Adam, and I got ripped for that.”

When host Andy asked who ripped her, Lala replied, “The manager Diana—she was not a fan of me for a while.”

Thankfully, Lala and Diana have since gotten on the same page. “Diana is fabulous and so gangster,” Lala continued. “She is awesome.”

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