Russia School Shooting Leaves 11 Dead

Russia School Shooting Leaves 11 Dead
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MOSCOW — Gunfire and a subsequent explosion erupted at a school in central Russia on Tuesday, killing 11 students and teachers, the state news media reported, in what appears to be rare mass shooting in the country.

Nearby residents heard shots and an explosion, then saw smoke billowing from the schoolhouse as the police and ambulances rushed to the scene in Kazan, a regional capital about 450 miles east of Moscow, the Russian Information Agency reported.

It cited local emergency officials as saying that 11 people had died and four had been wounded, and that the police had detained a 17-year-old suspect.

Russia has strict laws governing civilian gun ownership. Applicants for a firearm’s license must pass psychological exams and own a smoothbore shotgun for a trial period before obtaining a rifle. Pistol ownership is more tightly controlled, largely limited to those, such as retiring military officers, who are given a pistol as an award for their service.

Initial reports on the shooting Tuesday did not say what type of weapon was used or how the gunman had obtained it.

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