Sandra Oh Shares Her Thoughts On Returning to Grey’s Anatomy

Sandra Oh Shares Her Thoughts On Returning to Greys Anatomy
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Oh would, however, love for the fans of Cristina to follow her to her other projects. 

“Please come with me to Killing Eve and onto The Chair and onto the other projects, because this is also how we have moved on as well, with all the joy,” she said. “Come see, then, the characters that I’m playing that are much more deeply integrated in our Asian American experience.” 

Oh said earlier in the podcast that in the first few years of Grey’s, race was simply not discussed because it wasn’t “the style of the show.” Now, it’s a major topic of discussion as the doctors navigate the racial inequalities surrounding the pandemic and police brutality. But back when Oh was still on the show, she couldn’t even get a “really good joke” about “playing the POC card” into an episode. 

“It wasn’t the time,” she said. “It just wasn’t the time, and it wasn’t the part of the show, so it wasn’t anything that I actually focused on.” 

Now, Oh is determined to make sure all of her characters reflect the Asian American experience. 

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