Confession: I Love High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Confession I Love High School Musical The Musical The Series

And what a return trip to East High it was! The first season delivered everything a seasoned HSM fan would want, including many cheeky references to the OG franchise and a fun cameo from Lucas Graabel (a.k.a. Ryan Evans). Plus, it had compelling enough characters and relationships to go its own way, along with a Christmas special to tide us over until its second season. 

Speaking of, the new batch of episodes from HSM: The Next Generation (as a life-long Degrassi fan, it’s how I refer to this show in my head) prove there’s no sophomore slump. We even have a rivalry with North High, led by none other than Derek Hough, and, ironically, trouble in paradise—or, you know, Utah—for Nini (Rodrigo) and Ricky (Bassett).

So, to answer your just-as-good second single’s question, Rodrigo: Yes, yes we do get déjà vu. 

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