Why Jana Kramer Almost Didn’t Serve Mike Caussin With Divorce Papers

Why Jana Kramer Almost Didnt Serve Mike Caussin With Divorce
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A month after filing for divorce from Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer is reflecting on the night he learned their marriage was no more. 

During a new episode of her Whine Down podcast, the mom of two likened herself to coming off of a drug after the former Washington Redskins tight end was served divorce papers outside of their home. Describing the sequence of events that unfolded, Jana and her friend Kathryn recalled being at the house while Mike was putting their kids to bed. At the time, Mike had already been out of the house for less than a week and Jana wanted to serve him the papers that day, but didn’t know where he was staying. Since she was not allowed to serve them to him herself, they had an independent party serve him the divorce papers outside the house. 

Knowing what was about to happen, Jana was crying in their bedroom and Mike, unaware of what was ahead, wanted to see her, but Kathryn asked him to leave instead. “I wanted him so badly to come in that room,” Jana said, “and hold me and love me and tell me he’s sorry and give me that hit because I needed it so bad.”

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