Belarus Perpetrated a ‘State Hijacking,’ European Union Says

Belarus Perpetrated a ‘State Hijacking European Union Says
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Belarus Perpetrated a ‘State Hijacking,’ European Union Says

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said the E.U. would ban Belarusian flights from the bloc’s airspace and airports. On Sunday, Belarus forced a passenger plane to land in its capital and arrested an opposition journalist on board.

This is an attack on democracy. This is an attack on freedom of expression, and this is an attack on European sovereignty. And this outrageous behavior needs a strong answer. Therefore, the European Council decided that there will be additional sanctions on individuals that are involved in the hijacking, but this time also on businesses and economic entities that are financing this regime. And the hijacking of the place — plane is also a deliberate and unnecessary triggering of a safety emergency. It is, it is, it has involved an unjustified intervention of a military aircraft. The air navigation service was misused to aid the state and taking control of an E.U. aircraft. And Belarus used its control over its airspace in order to perpetrate a state hijacking. Therefore, the safety and security of flights through Belarus airspace can no longer be trusted. And the Council will adopt measures to ban overflights of the E.U. airspace and deny access to airports, to E.U. airports, to Belarus airplanes. Roman Protasevich must be released immediately, Belarus authorities are entirely responsible for his health and the health of his companion, Sofia Sapega. And there was a very clear and unanimous stance of the European Council concerning that topic.

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