Montana Yao Slams Larsa Pippen in Scathing Post After Malik Apologizes

Montana Yao Slams Larsa Pippen in Scathing Post After Malik
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Additionally, Montana claims Larsa told media outlets that she ended her relationship with Malik this past April in order to avoid looking like she keeps “getting passed around like a hot potatoe [sic].” She remarks, “Cmon now let’s stop putting lies out there haven’t you learned at your age they backfire?”

Moreover, Montana says Larsa tried to “trap” Malik, revealing Larsa allegedly took Malik to fertility clinics when they were dating. Montana “Are you crazy? You barely even spend time with the kid you already have and you want more?”

In her final comments addressed to Larsa, Montana writes, “You’re embarrassing and woman to woman you should probably tap out now cause you really going out bad. All those fillers and surgery can’t fix that insecure soul. Go work on yourself, read a book, something to better your life while you still have the time…”

On another slide, Montana thanks her ex for apologizing, as she acknowledges, “It’s hard to own up to bad decisions and apologize especially publicly so its really appreciated.”

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