Here’s What Went Down On the Set of The Break-Up

Heres What Went Down On the Set of The Break Up
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11. Brooke and Gary’s condo was totally worth fighting over. When researching real estate in Chicago, Laws discovered that in a lot of the waterfront buildings, wealthier tenants bought bedrooms off of adjoining units. So, “the primary living space is still the same as it would have been if it were a two-bedroom flat, but it only has one bedroom now,” he explained. “And that was sort of the theory, that they found this diamond in the rough.”

And “the world’s biggest one-bedroom apartment,” as he put it, was fully functional. They ran actual air conditioning into the set, “you could turn the lights on through the light switches, the fireplaces worked. When you were in the set, you felt like you were in a very real environment.”

Aniston certainly noticed the difference. Years later, when she arrived to the Laws-designed set for Office Christmas Party, “One of the directors walked her through,” Laws recalled, “and she said, ‘Oh my god, this is such a trip. It’s like being in a real environment. I haven’t been on a set like this since I did a film awhile ago called The Break-Up.'” 

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