Lauren Spierer’s Family Shares Message on Disappearance Anniversary

Lauren Spierers Family Shares Message on Disappearance Anniversary

The mother of Lauren Spierer is speaking out, 10 years after the Indiana University student disappeared following a night out with friends in the college town of Bloomington. 

Charlene Spierer took to Facebook June 3 to pen an emotional message about her family’s search for Lauren. Though Lauren, who was 20 at the time of her disappearance, is presumed dead, no official suspect has been named in her case and what happened to her is still very much a mystery. 

“My heart goes out to anyone searching for a missing loved one,” Charlene wrote in the post. “When you are ‘in it’ you can’t see beyond it. You try everything humanly possible to get answers. You are willing to work from first light until you collapse exhausted at the end of the day. You read everything written, every blog, every Facebook post, every tweet, every comment at the end of every article you have access to, just hoping someone will post something to move your case forward.”

The family has long stated that they believe someone knows the truth about what happened to Lauren. And Charlene called upon anyone who knows anything to speak out.

“You open your door to the worst of humanity, desperate to believe their convincing lies, but I think the worst offense comes from those who hold the answers and refuse to share them,” she wrote. “You are gullible. You are exposed to things you’ve never known about and wish you had never learned about. I empathize with you. I walk in your shoes; I carry the same burden. I wish we never had to experience this.”

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