Meghan Trainor Recalls Baby Riley’s “Terrifying” Health Complications

Meghan Trainor Recalls Baby Rileys Terrifying Health Complications
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Meghan Trainor is giving fans more details about welcoming her first child on Feb. 25 with husband Daryl Sabara.

The 27-year-old “Lips Are Movin” singer spoke to Today on Wednesday, June 2 about the challenges that now-3-month-old son Riley faced when he joined the world. 

“It was one of those horror stories where he didn’t cry,” Meghan shared. “He didn’t make noise when he came out. I was like, ‘Why isn’t he crying?’ Then they told me he was having breathing issues. It was terrifying.”

After he was born, Riley was taken to the hospital’s NICU, where he used a feeding tube. Meghan recalled that not getting to bond with him right away was particularly difficult. 

“I got to see him for one second before they took him away. That was probably the worst part,” she continued. “It was definitely a rough start. But we’re so lucky we got to bring him home after five days.”

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