Wahlburgers Star Henry “Nacho” Laun Dead at 54

Wahlburgers Star Henry Nacho Laun Dead at 54
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Wahlburgers star Henry “Nacho” Laun has died. He was 54. TMZ first reported the news, which was later confirmed by People

Laun, who became friends with Mark Wahlberg as a teen and appeared on the family’s A&E reality series about their restaurant empire, suffered a medical emergency in May. He was found unconscious in his car at a gas station in Massachusetts, where he stopped during a road trip. He was unconscious and unresponsive, and his condition did not improve. He died on June 1 in the hospital. 

Laun, who was known for extreme eating and created the Wahlburger chain’s “Nacho Burger Challenge” after he consumed multiple cheeseburgers in less than 10 minutes, also appeared in several movies alongside Mark. He portrayed a boxing trainer in the 2010 film The Fighter and a bar patron in 2012’s Ted

According to his IMDb, he was next slated to appear in the film JFK Jr., where he was to play a chauffeur. Laun was also working on a TV series called Nacho Extreme Texas

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