How to Get Away With Murder’s Aja Naomi King Welcomes First Baby

How to Get Away With Murders Aja Naomi King Welcomes
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Aja Naomi King is a first-time mom, and the actress is embracing everything that comes with it!

The 36-year-old How to Get Away With Murder alum took to Instagram on Sunday, June 6 to announce she had given birth to her first child. The post, which featured pics of her post-childbirth photo shoot, did not include further details about the baby, including the sex, name or exact date that the little one arrived.

“No, this is not a pregnancy Before picture,” she wrote about the photos that showed off her bare stomach. “This is the After. After days of labor. After experiencing what felt like my insides being ripped apart, no lie. After experiencing the unimaginable beauty of childbirth, this is what is left behind. This Gorgeous Body!”

Aja continued in the caption, “So in celebration of myself and my body for ‘Doing the Damn Thing’, I wanted to share this photo. No make up, no editing, no filters (and you know I love a filter!)…Just Me…a woman in awe of her Body and her Baby!” She included a heart emoji.

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