Gossip Girl Reboot’s First Trailer Is Steamier Than We Expected

Gossip Girl Reboots First Trailer Is Steamier Than We
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The new Gossip Girl series just dropped its first trailer, and it’s clear this version is going to deliver just as much drama as the original. 

On Wednesday, June 9, HBO Max released the first footage for its forthcoming reboot of The CW’s beloved teen drama that went dark in December 2012 after six seasons. Viewers won’t need to wait long to see more, as the premiere launches on Thursday, July 8.

Indeed, there appears to be plenty for fans of the original to love, given that the trailer hints at a new love triangle that seems destined to rival the Chuck-Blair-Dan and Nate-Serena-Dan complications of yore.

“She is a stranger who has found herself in your friend group,” one character warns, “with your boyfriend.” 

Lots of sexual tension appears to be on the menu as well, as the trailer shows what appears to be an unexpected kiss between one duo, along with another pair of characters waking up in bed together. 

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