Virgin River Season 3 Trailer Reveals Jack’s Fate

Virgin River Season 3 Trailer Reveals Jacks Fate
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Virgin River is back and as dramatic as ever. 

Netflix released a new trailer for season three, which arrives in July, and it’s exactly the kind of absurdity we need right now. With the shooting of Jack (Martin Henderson)—the shocking cliffhanger from season two—over in about two seconds, he and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) are (kinda maybe) arguing over whether or not to start a family while a million other things are also happening. Jack’s house is on fire! Jack is crying! Jack is beating up the guy who might have shot him! Jack is shocked that his baby mama has a new man! Doc (Tim Matheson) is going blind!

It is, as Virgin River always is, a roller coaster, but we wouldn’t want it any other way with our favorite, absolutely bonkers comfort show. Season two was released in November, during a particularly bad time in the pandemic, and it made our winter both a little less dark and a lot more entertaining as we spent several days yelling at the screen. The citizens of Virgin River do a lot of really dumb things!

In case you’ve also (purposely) forgotten everything that happened in 2020, here’s a rundown of where everyone was when we last left them. 

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