Fabio Claims Murdered Designer Gianni Versace Owed Him “Big Time”

Fabio Claims Murdered Designer Gianni Versace Owed Him Big Time
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Some people think it’s poor form to speak ill of the dead. Fabio isn’t one of them.

The Italian model recently spoke to the People in the ’90s podcast about his modeling career, recalling how he landed one of the biggest ad campaigns of the time. “The Versace campaign was extremely successful at that time,” Fabio claimed, “because it was the biggest contract a model—not just a male model, a model—ever got. So I got a contract even bigger than Cindy Crawford and the rest of the female models.”

According to Fabio, that contract promised him millions of dollars, with the opportunity to earn more depending on the success of the Versace Mediterraneum fragrance, which was all but guaranteed with his face plastered across billboards. He recalled, “When I started advertising, all of a sudden it became one of the best colognes out there. I was doing appearances: 15,000, 18,000, 20,000 people were showing up outside of Saks Fifth Avenue.” 

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