How to Help Afghanistan Refugees and the Relief Effort

How to Help Afghanistan Refugees and the Relief Effort
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In response to reader questions about how to aid the efforts around the world to resettle Afghans fleeing the Taliban, here is a list of some registered charities, organizations and funds accepting help in the United States, Canada and Britain.

  • Human Rights First is seeking pro bono lawyers to assist Afghan evacuees.

  • The International Refugee Assistance Project is soliciting donations to offer legal services to displaced Afghans.

  • The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is directing volunteers to its location-based sign-up page to assist Afghan refugees with travel from the airport, settling into their apartments or providing a meal.

  • Keeping Our Promise, based in Rochester, N.Y., offers resettlement services, including skilled trades training and accommodation support.

  • The International Medical Corps, which has operated in Afghanistan since 1984, offers medical training and services in the country and is soliciting donations to its emergency relief fund.

  • The International Rescue Committee is aiming to raise $10 million to “deliver lifesaving aid” in Afghanistan. Local chapters of the organization are also seeking volunteers to assist those who arrive through the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa in their search for employment and housing.

  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities, in partnership with community organizations, is providing resettlement services and child care to Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan in Fort Lee, Va.

  • The City of Fremont, Calif., home to a large population of Afghan immigrants, is collecting donations to support local charities providing essential items to newcomers.

  • New American Pathways, a nonprofit for resettlement based in Atlanta, is seeking volunteers to support Afghan refugees.

  • Mercy Corps is assisting displaced families in Afghanistan access clean water and other essentials.

  • AfghanAid has been working in Afghanistan for nearly four decades, with its humanitarian projects geared to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The charity is collecting donations to provide families with funds, kitchen items, solar powered lamps and other goods.

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