Melissa McBride Gives an Update on Daryl & Carol’s TWD Spinoff

Melissa McBride Gives an Update on Daryl Carols TWD
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We’ve grown to accept the fact that no one is safe on The Walking Dead.

Yet, heading into Part A of the 11th and final season tonight, Aug. 22, we find ourselves concerned for our favorite characters. So, during an exclusive chat with longtime Walking Dead star Melissa McBride, we asked point blank: Can viewers expect lots of bloodshed this season?

“I think they should always be worried about their favorites,” she said with a laugh to E! News. “Even I’m worried about them.”

Of course, in typical TWD fashion, McBride couldn’t say much on what’s to come, as spoilers are strictly under lock and key at AMC. Although, we do feel confident about the fate of McBride’s character, Carol. Why? Well, because AMC announced a spinoff set for 2023 starring McBride and co-star Norman Reedus, who plays crossbow-wielding Daryl.

While we’re certainly looking forward to this new series, McBride made it clear she’s focusing on this final chapter of The Walking Dead.

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