Here Are the Stories of the Brave Women Who Testified Against R. Kelly

Prosecutors Call R Kelly a Predator as Sexual Abuse Trial
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“I was in shock,” the 24 year old said while discussing her infection in court. “I really just wanted him to maybe give me answers—or just acknowledge that he did it.”

The testimony of the five women led to Kelly’s conviction on Sept. 27, where he was found guilty of nine criminal charges that included racketeering, bribery, coercion and sex trafficking. His attorney Steve Greenberg said they are “extraordinarily disappointed” by the verdict and believe it was “not supported by the evidence and instead is a reflection of the hysteria whipped up by a couple of TV shows.”

But according to Erinn Robinson, press secretary of the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN, the guilty verdict “sends a loud message to survivors of sexual violence.” Robinson said in a statement obtained by E! News, “We are pleased that R. Kelly will be brought to justice for some of the irrevocable harm he has caused. Many survivors of Kelly’s abuse—women and men of color, who were long ignored and pushed aside—came forward and spoke out powerfully throughout the trial.” 

The organization acknowledged that the verdict was made possible “by their courage and persistence in being heard.” The statement continued, “We thank them for their resilience during a difficult and very public process. We hope that today’s verdict empowers survivors everywhere to feel that they are not alone.”

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