How Eva Longoria Is Making Sure Son Santi Understands His Heritage

How Eva Longoria Is Making Sure Son Santi Understands His

“I mean, everything we do is basically tradition,” she responded when asked about incorporating their heritage into Santi’s upbringing. “From waking up to going to bed.” In fact, it continues right after their a.m. prayers, when she’ll whip up some homemade breakfast tortillas. 

“He loves them every morning,” she said. “So that’s a really good tradition that’s been, I mean, as ancient as the Aztecs. Although my tortillas are flour, the Aztecs were definitely corn.”

Their joint cooking sessions are sweet, but perhaps the most important aspect she’ll instill in her son is what it means to exist in the larger global community. “You know, he traveled to four different continents before he was 6 months old, because of my work, because of my philanthropy,” Longoria explained of her ties to organizations like PADRES Contra El Cancer, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and her own Eva Longoria Foundation.

“And so, my life will continue to be that. That’s going to be my life’s work is my philanthropy and my activism. And so he will be able to witness that growing up and choose for himself if he chooses to continue down this path, or if he chooses to contribute in other ways.”

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