Introducing, Selma Blair Is a Font of Emotional Revelations

Introducing Selma Blair Is a Font of Emotional Revelations

Then comes the overwhelming sense of unfairness (for us, let alone for her!) that what she just went through didn’t completely cure her. Not overnight, and not even months later, when Blair admits she’s “judging the process,” depressed that she’s still struggling with balance, her vision and almost everything else that was bothering her before.

An encounter with cancer survivor Robin Roberts at the TIME 100 Health Summit makes her feel better, the Good Morning America anchor sharing that it took two years before she really felt right after undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder.

Setbacks abound, including finding out for the first time from a doctor in Los Angeles that her brain’s gray matter—which affects muscle control, memory, speech and emotions—is damaged, something no other doctor had ever brought up, she says, throughout all those tests and scans she’d had.

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