We Are Obsessed With This $40 Faux Fur Lounge Pillow

We Are Obsessed With This 40 Faux Fur Lounge Pillow

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s completely obsessed with this. Target shoppers love this as well. Check out some reviews below. 

“Wow oh wow this thing is so comfortable and everyone in my home fights for it. With it being grey it does match everything in our home and gives any space a little extra comfort. The cover is removable so cleaning it is very easy.”

“I loved the size and feel of this lounger! It has been perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, and nap time. You could even use it as a bolster! The color is neutral and it feels very soft and plush…I loved that it has a washable cover and hope it stands up well to being washed. This lounger is a great way to add some extra padding to a harder surface, like the floor, and a fun spot for kids (or adults) to read, play, and rest.”

“I wasn’t sure what to think of this when I first saw it, I’d never heard of a lounge pillow before. It is a pretty good size and is very comfortable. It offers decent support and comfort for laying down on the floor. I like that it includes ties so that you can roll it up and store it away. It actually fits perfect in our storage ottoman. The real place this shines though is for my son. He absolutely loves it. He’s been reading more because he just loves to spend time on it. He has watched some movies on it in the living room and has even just sat on it while working on crafts. A great holiday gift I’d think. Could not recommend this more!”

“Love this and such a great idea! It perfectly fits on my couch for extra coziness and comfort, especially during these fall/winter months ahead. The faux fur is delicately soft to the touch too!”

“This is such a nice mat/pillow! It is a really pretty gray color. One side has a pattern, the other side is smoother. It is well made and constructed of quality materials. There are cute little tassels on each corner which are fun. The ties that hold it when rolled are secure and won’t pull out. Best of all, it is super soft and comfy. We love it.”

If you’re looking to shop more home finds, check out Bed Bath & Beyond’s Anniversary Sale happening now. 

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