Why Lourdes Leon Needed Independence From “Control Freak” Mom Madonna

Madonnas Daughter Lourdes Leon Stars on the Cover of Vogue

Lourdes Leon needed to get into her own groove.
In a chat with Debi Mazar for Interview Magazine, published Oct. 14, the 25-year-old model and oldest daughter of superstar-singer Madonna explained why she sought to gain a sense of freedom and financial independence outside of her upbringing after graduating high school.
“We don’t get any handouts in my family,” Lourdes shared. “Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege. There’s no denying that. But I think my mom saw all these other kids of famous people, and she was like, ‘My kids are not going to be like this.’ Also, I feel like if your parents pay for things, then it gives them leverage over you. My mom is such a control freak, and she has controlled me my whole life. I needed to be completely independent from her as soon as I graduated high school.”

Earlier this year, the Vogue cover model, whose father is Madonna’s ex Carlos Leon, revealed in an interview with the publication that she paid for her own college tuition and chose to currently reside in Brooklyn, since she considers herself a proud New Yorker.

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