Harry Potter’s Jessie Cave Reflects on Son’s Health Journey

Harry Potters Jessie Cave Reflects on Sons Health Journey
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Jessie Cave can’t believe how far her family has come. 

One year ago this week, the Harry Potter star welcomed her third child, a baby boy named Abraham “Bam” Benjamin after what she described as a “slightly extreme” birth. Two months later, the actress’ newborn was hospitalized with COVID-19 and released days later.

On Thursday, Oct. 21, Jessie, who played the lovelorn Lavender Brown in three of the Harry Potter films, marked her son’s first birthday with a personal post that reflected on the family’s unforgettable year.

“Happy birthday tiny Tennessee,” she wrote on Instagram when sharing her son’s nickname. “It’s been lovely to share his first year with you all…this is an emotional post, sorry in advance.”

“I hope I take nothing for granted as a mother,” Jessie continued. “Their presence even in my darkest days has made me appreciate how wonderful life can be. This baby was born a year and a half after my little brother died. It felt important and primal and like, in being pregnant, I was asking the universe to make something good happen, however selfish that wish might have been.” Jessie’s brother Ben Haddon-Cave was killed in 2019 during a tragic accident while train surfing. 

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