See Zendaya React After Timothée Chalamet Names “Crush” Tom Holland

See Zendaya React After Timothee Chalamet Names Crush Tom Holland
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What’s in a name? Well, a little more than you would usually think.
Ahead of their movie’s release, Dune co-stars Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya took a BFF quiz for Buzzfeed, during which they were asked to name their “celebrity crush.” In response, Timothée quickly answered for his leading lady.
“Easy,” the actor said, “Tom Holland“—to which Zendaya simply lets out an adorable giggle.
And we aren’t the only ones gushing over Zendaya’s reaction. When a clip of the cute exchange made its way to social media, fans immediately swooned over the Spider-Man‘s star notable three seconds of blushing. One Twitter user wrote, “Aww she gets so happy when he mentions Tom’s name,” while another added that the actress just “lights up even with just the mention” of him.
But perhaps a third social media user best expressed everyone’s sentiments, writing, “I have watched this video an unreasonable amount of times.”

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