How Captain Lee Honors Late Son’s Legacy in Fighting Addiction in D.C.

How Captain Lee Honors Late Sons Legacy in Fighting Addiction in DC

“It’s unfortunate that moms and dads scream from the rooftops every day and nobody pays attention to them,” Lee added, “and it takes someone with a little status to help. Yes, I lost my son, but I’m only one of hundreds of thousands. We all hurt the same way. We belong to a club nobody wants to belong to and we’ll carry that pain with us the rest of our lives.”

He also plans to honor his son’s legacy with a rehabilitation center that will bear his son’s name.

“It’s a rehabilitation center I’ve been working on that will be on the water, on a barge, that will be not just a rehab but a vocational center,” he shared. “It will be able to accommodate 200 patients and when they finish the rehabilitation part of their stay—however long that takes—they will learn a skillset and leave with a vocation. The barge is already constructed, it’s just a matter of getting the funds appropriated. It’s a lot of red tape. Which is another thing. Lawmakers should do more to assist in getting these things done. Drug addiction shouldn’t be political.”

“The barge itself,” he noted, “will be called the Joshua Lee.”

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