Colin Robinson’s Fate Revealed on What We Do in the Shadows

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That’s right, the energy vampire had an infant version of himself crawl out of his stomach, leaving Laszlo feeling responsible for his care.

Talk about an out of this world ending, right? On what’s to come for season four, executive producer Paul Simms told Deadline that Colin’s rebirth will play a big part in the new episodes.

“Is it inevitable that the baby will grow up to be an energy vampire again,” he teased, “or is it possible for him to avoid that fate and become a normal, interesting human being? That’s really the puzzle of season four and what drives it with nature vs. nurture. It’s a little bit of: Can you avoid your fate? Are you destined to be what you’ve always been or can you make a new start? I know this makes it sound like it’s some heavy, premium cable downer of a show, but it’s all as silly and cartoonish as it ever was before.”

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