Salma Hayek Gushing Over Lady Gaga’s “Hot” Parents Is a Mood

Salma Hayek Gushing Over Lady Gagas Hot Parents Is a

Father, son and the parents of the House of Gucci cast! 

Salma Hayek couldn’t help but gush over co-star Lady Gaga‘s attractive folks at the New York premiere of the film at Lincoln Center. 

“Your mom is hot,” Salma casually told Gaga during E! News’ Daily Pop on Wednesday, Nov. 17. 

The “Born This Way” singer responded, “I know, my mom is so hot!” 

Salma continued, “She’s so beautiful! By the way, your dad is hot too.” 

“Don’t tell my mother!” Gaga joked. 

And Salma continued to coo over Gaga. “She’s amazing. She’s such an inspiration. She is always fresh,” the Eternals scene-stealer added. “There are these choices that are smart and intriguing and original. She’s a professional and she is so passionate about it. It’s contagious.” 

Meanwhile, Gaga quipped that she felt “pressure” to please director Ridley Scott with her performance. “I grew up three blocks away from here,” Gaga reflected. “I don’t belong here, thanks for bringing me.” 

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