Watch the Jonas Brothers Get Roasted in New Promo

New Teaser for the Jonas Brothers Family Roast is Here

The turkey isn’t the only thing in the hot seat this Thanksgiving.

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are bracing themselves for the Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Nov. 23, hosted by Emmy-winning comedian Kenan Thompson. From Pete Davidson to Niall Horan, there is an extensive list of celebrities roasting the brothers, and from the looks of this E! exclusive clip, even the announcer wants in on the action. 

“Jonas Brothers, pop culture icons, music superstars,” says the announcer, praising the artists as the trio struts toward the stage. “And so far up their own asses they can’t see the light. Holy s–t.”

He continues, “They are Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artists who have countless awards and accolades. But let’s be honest, a Grammy nom isn’t a Grammy win, am I right?”

Okay, you’re right but you didn’t have to say it. 

The announcer also may have revealed one of Joe’s childhood secrets, which was a crappy thing to do.

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