Did Lil Nas X’s Married BF Just Propose on Maury?!

Watch Lil Nas X Learn His Boyfriend Is Married in

Lil Nas X just delivered the cross-over event we never knew we needed. 

In a hilarious, over-the-top fictional segment on The Maury Show, Lil Nas X a.k.a. Montero Hill confronts his then-boyfriend Yai Ariza after learning he is married to Ashley Davidson and has a 4-year-old son, Noah James

“I have a big heart and I want somebody who loves me,” the 22-year-old artist explains to host Maury Povich. “I need to know whether he wants to be with me, or her.” 

Per the episode description, Lil Nas X and Yai played football together, before moving their relationship from teammates to lovers. But after Lil Nas X surprised Yai at his house, he soon learned that Yai was leading a double life. The show also clarified that the “Montero” segment is “a collaboration between Lil Nas X and The Maury Show for entertainment purposes.”

The storyline is loosely based on the music video, “That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas X. In fact, Lil Nas X released a spin-off version of the music video that includes his Maury appearance. 

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