Mindy Kaling Is All of Us Talking About Her Love for Zendaya

Mindy Kaling Is All of Us Talking About Her Love

Now this is one film we would be euphoric to see.

In her appearance on theSkimm’s digital series, Texting With, Mindy Kaling made it clear that she, like the rest of the world, is obsessed with Zendaya. During the hilarious interview, which is exclusive to E! News, Mindy proudly announced that the Dune actress follows her on Instagram.

According to The Office alum, her “heart stopped in its chest” when she realized the It-girl kept up with her social media activity. Before long, Mindy proved herself to be the ultimate Zendaya fangirl, noting, “I still think about that Tom Ford dress she wore. It was with the breast plate. I probably shouldn’t admit that. She will probably unfollow me.”

And it’s not just Zendaya’s style that Mindy is a fan of, as The Mindy Project creator later revealed that she would pick the 25-year-old actress to play her in a biographical film about her life. “And that would be believable,” she quipped in response to her own pitch.

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