How Saved By the Bell Is Honoring Late Star Dustin Diamond

How Saved By the Bell Is Honoring Late Star Dustin
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The reboot teased a second chance for fan favorite O.G. couple Slater (Lopez) and Jessie (Lauren) during a season two sneak peek, and now Lopez and Lauren are setting the record straight ahead of tomorrow’s premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24. 

“It is never boring on Saved By the Bell,” Lauren exclusively hinted. “We see Jessie at the beginning of the season officially getting a divorce from René (Cheyenne Jackson) and I think fans will be rooting for that. There had been years when Slater and Jessie hadn’t really seen each other and now they are in the same workplace, the same place they fell for each other the first time. And this is the first moment they are both available.” 

Lopez joked, “I’m not trying to be a home-wrecker but at the same time I’m not trying to be a bounce-back relationship guy, so we’ll wait and see.”  

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