Orange Is the New Black Cast Reunites in Adorable Moment

Orange Is the New Black Cast Reunites in Adorable Moment
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While she might have been known as “Crazy Eyes” on the show, Uzo Aduba had nothing but heart eyes after discovering that her fellow Orange Is the New Black castmates came to support her on the red carpet of her latest Broadway show.  

Laura PreponDascha PolancoAdrienne C. MooreDanielle Brooks and Natasha Lyonne all caught up with the In Treatment star on the opening night of the new Broadway comedy Clyde’s on Tuesday, Nov. 23.  

As seen in a video by Shoshana for, Aduba’s eyes instantly lit up as soon as she spotted her friends. Then she can be seen getting immediately swept up in a whirlwind of hugs, cheers, laughter and applause from the entire group.

As they all posed for photos together, Aduba, who got married in September, smiled as she proudly remarked: “These are my ladies!”                            

After photos were taken, Brooks took a moment to congratulate Aduba once again on her performance, which launched the close-knit crew into another round of hugs and laughs.

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