Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Thanksgiving Holiday

Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecks Thanksgiving Holiday
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck‘s Thanksgiving holiday was a full family affair.

The couple spent the holiday, their first major one since rekindling their romance, in Los Angeles. She flew in from Canada, where she has spent the last couple of months filming The Mother, a Netflix thriller that she is also producing.

“Jennifer was very excited to come home and spend Thanksgiving with Ben,” a source close to the actress and singer told E! News. “[Ben’s] mom joined them and they had a lot of low-key family time with both of their families together.”

The insider did not elaborate on where Ben and Jennifer had their Thanksgiving meal or who accompanied them to dinner.

“Jennifer enjoys the holidays and this was her first since she and Ben have been back together,” the source said. “She wanted to make it special for him and for the kids and to start new traditions.”

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