Colton Underwood Relives His Coming Out Journey in New Netflix Teaser

Colton Underwood Enjoys Romantic Hawaiian Getaway With Jordan C Brown
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The truth will set you free. 

Netflix has just released a trailer for Coming Out Colton, the highly-anticipated docu-series about former Bachelor star Colton Underwood. For those who need a refresher, the retired professional football player found fame by becoming the star of America’ top dating competition. What Colton didn’t admit to himself or Bachelor Nation at the time? He was gay.

But, as the first look of Coming Out Colton reveals, the former reality TV star is ready to live his truth, which includes atoning for the hurt he caused ex Cassie Randolph, who filed a restraining order against him at one point.

“The reason I am coming out is because I am ashamed,” he notes, “And I’m sort of mortified as to what got me to this position in the first place.”

As the teaser continues, Colton confesses that he never thought he was going to come out, adding, “I thought I was going to die with this secret.”

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