Ulta Skincare Deals Starting at $15: Kopari, Kate Somerville & More

Ulta Skincare Deals Starting at 15 Kopari Kate Somerville

This cold-pressed, organic coconut oil is the ultimate multi-tasking product. Use it as a hair mask on dry, unwashed hair for an extra dose of hydration. Remove the day’s makeup by putting a bit of this on a cotton ball. You can even use this as replacement for shaving creams and gels. If you just want some additional moisture in your bath, add a generous glob to the water. Rub Coconut Melt on a pregnant belly to relieve itching and prevent stretch marks.

Those are just some ways you can use this product. It quickly absorbs into the skin, softens dry patches and prevents water loss. An Ulta shopper raved, “I love this product. One, because it is natural, and it’s 100% coconut oil. I love that I actually know what’s going on my skin. Two, it has so many different uses, face, hair, body and if you have kids you can even use it on them if ever needed. I mainly use it to remove makeup at the end of the day, and it works great for that.”

Another said, “After using the small container I bought the large one. This melt is Fantastic!!! As your slathering it all over your body, it literally melts into your skin. It looks like an oil at first but instantly goes into your skin and hydrates it. AND since you’re using your hands, you’re moisturizing them as well. After getting all my Christmas shopping done, I bought myself a big container of this and another big container of this in Tropical. Absolutely LOVE it!!!”

“I love this coconut oil! It is so much richer and more moisturizing than other brands I have tried. I use it several times a day and do not want to be without it,” a loyal fan shared.

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