Kristen Bell’s Daughter Hilariously Confronted Dr. Before Colonoscopy

Kristen Bells Daughter Hilariously Confronted Dr Before Colonoscopy

Kristen Bell‘s daughter Lincoln isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions—and they’re not in vain.
The Netflix star—who shares kids Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 7, with husband Dax Shepard—recently revealed that right before her routine colonoscopy, their eldest child had just a few questions for the medical professional in charge.
“She was sitting there, and we were getting the paperwork or whatever,” Kristen, 41, recalled during her Jan. 25 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “And she looks up at my doctor with this sly look—because you can only see your eyes through the mask—and she said, ‘Are you the doctor who’s going up my mom’s butt?'”
As Kristen noted, the doctor confirmed and asked if he should be looking for anything in particular, to which Lincoln also hilariously responded, “The rubber nut.” Which, turns out, is in reference to a phrase Kristen and Dax use all the time as an answer whenever they can’t seem to find any item, according to the actress: “We say ‘Up your butt with the rubber nut’ in our household if you’re missing something.”

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