See Kaley Cuoco’s Reaction to This Skin-Crawling Cockroach Prank

See Kaley Cuocos Reaction to This Skin Crawling Cockroach Prank

The Big Bang Theory actress then shared her own clip showing the new additions to her bathroom, which were placed all over the mirror, toilet, sink and shower.

“This is what I walked into,” she said, before panning to the mirror, where the actress could be seen disapprovingly shaking her head. 

She also posted another angle of the prank, writing, “It never ends. I live in constant fear around here lol.” 

While on set, Kaley has tried her hand at pranking the rest of the crew with…minimal success, unfortunately. In a video posted earlier on her Instagram Story, the actress can be seen trying to scare Jayde and another man by coming up behind them, but they remained unaffected. 

“I still have yet to scare anyone,” Kaley wrote of her failed prank.

To which Jayde replied, “It’s never going to happen babe.” 

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