Dress Your Way to Happiness With the Dopamine Dressing Trend

Dress Your Way to Happiness With the Dopamine Dressing Trend

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You may have seen the phrase “dopamine dressing” pop up a lot recently. After all, even ASOS has an entire section dedicated to the dopamine dressing trend. But what exactly is it and should you try it?

As NYC-based therapist Lin Sternlicht, LMHC told E! News, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s released in the brain when one receives pleasure. Natural forms of dopamine can be produced through simple life pleasures such as a beautiful sunset, time spent with loved ones, exercise, and a nice meal, among many other things. Dopamine dressing is based on the idea that we can experience joy through fashion by wearing brightly colored clothing.” 

Colors are associated with certain feelings, as you’ve likely experienced yourself. For instance, blue can make you feel calm and at peace, while yellow and orange can make you feel optimistic and happy. It’s why bright colors and patterns tend to be associated with the dopamine dressing trend. 

However, “the correlation one makes between certain colors and moods can be subjective,” Lin said. So, if you’re someone who loves wearing black and that’s what makes you feel happiest, you’re totally on trend. At its core, dopamine dressing is all about wearing things that make you feel happy, comfortable and confident. 

We’ve rounded up some bright, colorful and playful pieces that can help to boost your mood. Check those out below. 

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