MAFS’ Alyssa Begs to Not Move In With Husband Chris

Looks like Alyssa and Chris‘ aren’t getting the happily ever after they had hoped for. 

Alyssa and Chris said “I do” during the season 14 premiere of Married at First Sight on Jan. 5, but the honeymoon phase is certainly over. Now, in an E! News exclusive sneak peek, Alyssa and Chris head to the tennis courts—but it’s not all fun and games.

“Did you even want to be in the apartment?” a producer asks Alyssa on the sidelines. “Is it just a logistic thing, that like, makes it appealing?” 

“It’s multiple things,” Alyssa responds as she becomes emotional, “like I love the other girls and I want to be a part of it with them…If they all are like, last minute, ‘Oh, want to come over?’ I can’t just come over.”

“Okay but the whole point of this is to move in with your spouse,” the producer continues. 

“Like why is that fair that I get to not live there,” Alyssa argues. “I don’t want to live with you because we’re not compatible.” 

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