You Missed This Harry Potter and Twilight Connection

You Missed This Harry Potter and Twilight Connection

Harry Potter and vampires may have more in common than you think. And yes, Robert Pattinson is the one to thank for this truly magical connection.

Back in 2005, the actor made his big-screen debut as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And while his character’s claim to fame was the fact that he was the first death in the movie franchise, there was a special scene that carried into his next projects. 

In a new interview with GQ, Robert shared the connection between his entrance in Harry Potter and his launch into the Twilight franchise.

“It was definitely my concept to jump out of the tree at the beginning of my intro, which I then kind of repeated later on in Twilight,” he explained. “For some reason, I always have a suggestion to be like, ‘Why doesn’t he just appear just jumping out of a tree?'”

And for those who may need some concrete proof, GQ came with the receipts. 

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