How Mary J. Blige’s Beautiful Daily Affirmation Inspired Her New Album

How Mary J Bliges Beautiful Daily Affirmation Inspired Her New

Yes, here’s the part where you want to yell at Blige, “Don’t you know how unbelievably amazing you are?!” But just wait.

“This person was never satisfied,” she continued. “So I started thinking positivity over myself, even if I couldn’t see it [physically], but I had to build it up from the inside. So I started speaking every day, ‘Good morning, gorgeous,’ ‘good morning, beautiful,’ ‘good morning, sexy,’ ‘good morning…whatever it is that I wanted to be.'” And that started to help me to grow and have the power to move away from that negative situation.”

So, in a nutshell, “it’s a positive affirmation I gave myself in the morning that is now an album title because it was so powerful, it helped me. I still say it now. It’s the first thing I say to myself in the morning. Well, first thing is ‘thank you, Father, for another day,’ then I go to the bathroom and I look in the mirror and say, ‘Good morning, gorgeous.'”

Even when her eyes are still “crunchy” with sleep, “and I go use the bathroom or whatever,” she continued, “It helps me for the day, so that’s where the title came from and that’s where it all came from. There’s definitely nothing vain about it. It’s just something to uplift you and when you confess it, it begins to manifest in so many ways.”

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