Nick Lachey Reveals What It’s Like to Host a Show With Your S.O.

Nick Lachey Reveals What Its Like to Host a Show

Talk about relationship goals. 

The highly anticipated season two of Love Is Blind is just around the corner! And ahead of its Feb. 11 premiere, host Nick Lachey shared what it’s really like hosting the dating reality show with his wife Vanessa. Spoiler alert: he loves it.

“It’s very cool to be able to work with your spouse, it gives us time to spend together,” he shared in the interview. 

This season, after the couples proposed to each other, they traveled to Mexico to work on their connections. So, what did that mean for the Lacheys? A free vacation in paradise.

“Look, we very much love each other but I think it’s also a chance for us to get away from the kids for a few days,” he laughed, “and like have some time just the two of us together which, after you have three young kids, you realize how important that can be.”

Nick said the project has been “very fulfilling,” sharing that that they “sit at the bar and have an old-fashioned at the end of the day” and exchange notes about what happened on the guys’ and girls’ sides of the pods.

“We love working together,” he shared. “But it’s also the time when we’re not on set, the time we get to just be together.”

Okay, we’re officially obsessed with their marriage.

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