Paris Hilton’s “Healthy” McDonald’s Order Revealed

A trip to the Golden Arches? That’s hot.

Paris Hilton is spending some quality time with her younger brother Barron Hilton on the latest episode of E!’s Paris in Love.

“I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is stressing about my wedding and I just need a break,” Paris reveals in this sneak peek. “So I’m going to go hang out with my brother Barron because he’s one of the only people that I trust. He never judges me and always gives good advice.”

After a little catching up, Paris suggests a late night snack: “Wanna go to McDonald’s?”

“Oh my god, when is the last time we’ve been to McDonald’s?” Barron laughs. “Tessa does not let me go to McDonald’s.”

Paris echoes her bro’s comment about his wife, “Don’t tell Carter either because I’m on the ProLon cleanse with him. It’s like soups and olives and like vitamins. It’s good but I’m starving and want McDonald’s.”

The “Stars Are Blind” singer is “trying to be healthy” while ordering her fast food favorites, which include a hamburger, an Oreo McFlurry (“it’s so good!), a number 4-A and a Sprite.

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