Letters: Plaschke’s column on Trevor Bauer gets split decision

Letters Plaschkes column on Trevor Bauer gets split decision

Plaschke is at it again. Trevor Bauer should absolutely be able to pitch for the Dodgers again. Bauer was investigated with no charges being filed. Even a judge refused her restraining order because Bauer was no threat to her. Does Plaschke believe that every athlete should be barred for life because of any accusation made by anyone? According to Plaschke, accusations are reason enough to deprive you from working, whether they are true or not.

Bill Remy
Huntington Beach


For once I agree with Bill Plaschke. Someone take a snapshot.

Whether consensual or not, punching a woman during sex or at any other time is a crime, consensual or not. It shouldn’t matter what the legal system says. The legal system governs a different morality, which has loopholes. Meanwhile the Dodgers’ name is being dragged single-handedly through the muck by this guy who we shouldn’t have signed in the first place, knowing what we knew.

Cut him loose. Some other starving team might pick him up, but I hope not. He should be stocking shelves at Amazon.

Bob Warnock
Los Angeles


It’s funny that Bill Plaschke is willing to push the Dodgers organization to immediately terminate Trevor Bauer. A player that has never been even indicted for assaulting any man, woman or child. Yet Plaschke (like many in Los Angeles) is willing to forgive Kobe Bryant for his alleged 2003 rape of a Colorado woman. When the accuser suddenly decides to refuse to testify (she had already been dragged through the mud) and accepts an unknown settlement, that’s OK apparently to Plaschke. Because he’s Kobe. Plaschke is willing to tell Dan Patrick just last May how sad he was that the Hall of Fame celebration could not celebrate Kobe’s greatness and how much he missed Kobe. I don’t get it.

J. David Muñoz


This is the story of two superstar Los Angeles athletes. Both are suspected of sexual assault. Athlete “A” is charged and the charges are ultimately dropped. Athlete “B” is investigated thoroughly but never charged. Athlete “A” is reported to have paid off his accuser. Athlete “B” has not paid his accuser anything. Athlete “A,” Kobe Bryant, is practically beatified in Los Angeles. Athlete “B,” Trevor Bauer, is thoroughly vilified. I am not a fan of Bauer. The Dodgers signed him to a ridiculous contract in a panic after seeing the roster the Padres were building. But hypocrisy is hypocrisy.

Brian Lipson
Beverly Hills

Year of Rams or Tigers?

Whenever the Dodgers or Lakers are in their leagues finals, you can count on seeing team flags mounted on cars flying throughout the city. In the weeks preceding this Super Bowl, featuring the L.A. Rams playing in their new stadium, I have not seen one Ram flag on a car. It is a sign that L.A has not yet embraced the Rams for several reasons, but a win in the Super Bowl could change that dynamic forever.

Paul Burns
Granada Hills


Before becoming overly confident that they’ll easily beat Cincinnati on Sunday, the Rams should remember that this is the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese calendar.

Paul L. Newman
Merion Station, Pa.


Spent two hours waiting for my shuttle bus after the Rams-49ers game. The only good news about the ridiculous SoFi traffic is that none of the parking revenue goes to Frank McCourt.

Jeff Green
Long Beach

Spitting mad

Kudos to UCLA for sending Mac Etienne home to Los Angeles after his shameful behavior in Tucson on Thursday night. I was glad to not see him on the bench in Tempe. He disgraced himself, his team and the university. I hope the Arizona legal process cuts him no slack in pursuit of whatever legal charges are filed.

Stephen Cooper
Hidden Hills


Does the 1st Amendment protect the ZonaZoo vitriol with its epithets yelled at the UCLA players? Even if you may have the right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Shame on them. Let’s not retaliate in such poor taste.

Mark Sherwin
Los Angeles


Really disappointed in Mick Cronin’s behavior and coaching at the UCLA-ASU game. Maybe he should look in the mirror rather than continuing to criticize his players. Not using his bench properly (where was Jake Kyman, one of the best pure shooters on the team), poor offensive execution by failing to pass the ball more, team not showing much improvement thus far this season and, most importantly, publicly berating his players. Bone up on one of Coach Wooden’s axioms: “You haven’t taught until they have learned.”

Wayne Redfearn
Newport Beach


Watching Mick Cronin berate his players on the bench, John Wooden has to be turning over in his grave.

Chuck Hill

Olympic-sized blunders

The Olympics are meant to be a celebration of international sportsmanship, and no other sports demonstrate that feeling more than women’s snowboarding and skateboarding. But rather than featuring a shot of the medal winners hugging and rolling around together in celebration (with an American included) you decided to show Jamie Anderson sitting in defeat. And on the following page, you show an American woman ice skater and go on about her “nerves” after she lost to an incredible Russian skater. Did you think these women didn’t feel bad enough already? Your coverage continues to be not only jingoistic but thoughtless and, most probably, sexist.

Betty Katowicius
Atwater Village


In watching many of the current news stories surrounding the Winter Olympics I can’t help think of the 1936 Olympics and its opening. Those that forget history are bound to relive it. I feel for the athletes but will not support NBC by watching.

Paul Atkinson


Thanks to NBC’s Lindsay Czarniak for announcing the outcome of the U.S.-Russia men’s curling match right after the men’s Sweden-China match, a full three hours before it was scheduled to air. So she doesn’t know the TV schedule for her own network?

Jeff Wood


While viewing the Olympics, wouldn’t it be nice if every athlete performing were identified by country during the competition? Yes, they may be identified prior to the race but if you miss that short intro, you have no idea which country you are watching compete. Maybe it’s just me, but I am confused 99% of the time.

Mary Gant
La Crescenta

Lamenting the Lakers

Russell Westbrook is a poor shooter from three feet and out and has difficulty playing off the ball. This year he is second in the league in turnovers (he is ranked fourth all-time); shoots 29.8% on threes and 65.3% on free throws (worst in the league for a point guard). The only solution if the Lakers don’t trade him is to use his positive skills and play him with the second unit — he has the ball in his hands, creates a fast pace and directs the offense without worrying about LeBron and AD. Then maybe some of us die-hard fans can actually bear to watch a game from start to finish without screaming, “Don’t shoot!”

Thomas Ritz


The way to get more out of Russell Westbrook might be to see if there’s some fool out there dumb enough to take him in a trade.

John Snyder
Newbury Park


Note to all NBA teams with a losing record (or any team, really): If you need a cure for what ails you, check your schedule for when you’ll play the Lakers. The game will be a breather for you.

Tom Stapleton

Not bowled over

The NFL Pro Bowl game has been reduced to touch football. If Jim Healy were still alive on Monday afternoon’s show he assuredly would be playing the Chick Hearn tape where he utters, “I’ve seen more pushing in the men’s room.”

Ron Yukelson
San Luis Obispo


The Pro Bowl is a farce. There is nothing professional about the game. The players danced around each other like graduates at the senior prom. I understand why the players merely went through the motions in a meaningless game to avoid injuries. I hope the profits from the game went to charitable causes rather than line the pockets of rich owners and players. A game of flag football, tag, hide-and-seek or hopscotch would have been more entertaining.

Rich Wallace
Redondo Beach


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