Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Have a Pre-Valentine’s Day Date

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Have a Pre Valentines Day Date

On the day Kanye “Ye” West began dissing Pete Davidson continuously on Instagram, the SNL star was busy celebrating an early Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend and the rap artist’s ex, Kim Kardashian.

On Saturday, Feb. 12, the couple dined at Lilia’s restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, where the comedian and Staten Island native recently said he planned to move. Pete and Kim were dropped off in a large SUV. Pete, 28, held the door open for Kim, 41. Holding hands, the two made their way into one of the eatery’s private dining tents set up outside as part of their COVID-19 precautions. After they finished, Pete exited first and held open the flap door for his girlfriend and holding hands again, they then returned to their vehicle.

The date took place amid freezing temperatures and Kim’s outfit included a heavy fur coat and thigh-high boots. Both she and Pete also sported sunglasses outside as paparazzi snapped photos of the couple, who Ye dubs “Skete.”

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