Lakers’ LeBron James hits unprecedented NBA scoring milestone

Lakers LeBron James hits unprecedented NBA scoring milestone

No one has scored more meaningful points in NBA history than LeBron James.

Combining the playoffs and the regular season, James has now scored more points than anyone in NBA history. He passed the mark in the third quarter against the Golden State Warriors on a three-point shot, giving him 44,152 combined points.

James tied Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s total of 44,149 total points Saturday when hit a three-point shot late in the first half.

“I feel like I witnessed a lot of those postseason points,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr said pregame “That’s a spectacular statistic, maybe not one that is going to be celebrated as if it were the regular-season record, but that’s incredible when you think about all the players who have played in this league, the talent — people like Michael Jordan, who played in a million playoff games. It speaks to LeBron’s brilliance but also his longevity.”

James hit the mark this year thanks to a scoring binge that began when Anthony Davis injured his knee in December, kick-starting a streak of 21-consecutive games for James with at least 25 points.

For a player who has fought against being labeled as a scorer most of his career, the recent run reinforced not just how good he is at getting to the basket but how much his skills have evolved.

Kerr remembered seeing James during the 2013 NBA Finals against the Spurs turn a corner as a scorer, a moment that probably allowed him to eclipse Abdul-Jabbar’s record.

James hit 5-of-10 three-point attempts in Game 7 and starred in the deep mid-range. While defenses would still prefer to retreat toward the rim on pick-and-rolls, they began to think twice after that.

“It seemed like he had, maybe, more of a mental breakthrough than anything. But the last two games of that series, they couldn’t go under (screens) anymore. He was knocking down that shot,” Kerr said. “From that point on, I think his shot has gotten better and better. And that opened up the world for him.

“…Everything changed after that, as far as what you had to deal with. That’s pretty remarkable. Most players don’t make that transition from being a poor shooter to a really good shooter midway through their career. And he found a way to do that.”

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