Alyssa Scott Recalls Last Words to Her and Nick Cannon’s Late Son Zen

Alyssa Scott Recalls Last Words to Her and Nick Cannons

Alyssa Scott is sending a message to her and Nick Cannon‘s son Zen, two months after his heartbreaking death.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the model shared images of her baby boy, who passed away at just 5 months old after battling brain cancer. “I can imagine us the night before Valentine’s Day filling out cards to hand to your classmates,” Alyssa began her Feb. 13 Instagram post. “All signed with your handwriting.. I know it would say: love, Zen. Every letter written with your tiny little hand.”

“I often think about your voice. The sound of you saying ‘I love you mom’ Words I will never hear, But still feel to this day,” she continued. “I know you love me, Zen. You are everywhere. I see you in everything beautiful. When I hear a baby giggle, when I see children playing. You are there.”

Alyssa wrote that if she had one wish, it would be to hold her baby boy again. “I know everything around me would stand still,” she added. “It would be just you and me. My last words to you were ‘I’m here, I love you.’ That will ring true until the end of time.”

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