Get a First Look at Heather & Terry Dubrow’s 7 Year Stitch

Get a First Look at Heather Terry Dubrows 7

The Dubrows are coming to a TV near you—and no, we’re not talking about The Real Housewives of Orange County or Botched.

Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow are set to star on 7 Year Stitch, a brand-new reality TV special coming to E! this March. A social experiment of sorts, 7 Year Stitch will introduce the longtime husband-wife duo to a struggling couple on the brink of divorce.

With the help of a hand-picked selection of experts—think therapists, nutritionists, celebrity fitness instructors and so on—Terry and Heather will separate the couple and give them an intense seven weeks apart to assess whether they want to stay together. 

Even better, before the couple makes their final decision, they’ll undergo makeovers both physically and mentally. 

Ultimately, if anyone’s well-equipped to help, it’s the Dubrows. As Heather explains in the above sneak peek, “Terry and I have been together for 25 years. Over that period of time we’ve had to face our own marital struggles.”

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